Question About What Will Cause A Car In Gear To Not Move


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I Have A 98 2.4 Cavalier With Manual Transmission. My Shifter Won’t Move Left Or Right And Stuck In 1st Gear.

I have a 98 2.4 Cavalier with manual Transmission. my shifter won't move left or right and stuck in 1st gear. the engine and clutch are only a year old and i had the transmission replaced about 2 months ago. Yesterday i put it in reverse to ... Read more

Mazda 6 Gear Shift Help

So, i accidently spilt lemonade on my mazda 6 gear shift knob(automatic) and now its sticky and when i move the gear, its sticky and harder to move whereas before it was easy. I was wondering if i pour water on the whole thing to clean, ... Read more

The Gauges On My Car ’05 Lancer Do Not Move When Car Is In Gear. Please Help

When I turn on the ignition, the gauges (speed, rpm, temperature, fuel) do not move from "off" position. Even when the car is in gear and is moving, the gauges do not bulge and are all at zeros. I'm going to the mechanic anyway, but I ... Read more

What Could Be Wrong With Manual Transmission That Does Not Move While In Gear

My friend is giving me his old car that has been sitting out of commission for awhile. He had taken it off the road when he had problems with the transmission. His brother was driving it and heard a pop and snapping sound and then the ... Read more

Car Problems, It Won’t Move When Put In Gear

It's a manual transmission on a rsx type-s. The car starts fine, runs good, but it's like the car is staying in neutral. The shifter goes into the gear slots, but when I take my foot off of the does nothing. I don't think ... Read more

2000 Tracker 4 Wheel Drive Shifter Is Stuck Wont Move Into Any Gear Of Nuetral

I used it earlier and now it wont move into any gear its like it just seized up. It is a automatic and runs great, but I went to use the 4 wheel drive and it wont budge its a manual shifter not the button type. ... Read more

Why Does My Gear Shift Lever Move A Little While In 4th Gear

I just purchased a used ford focus 2005 with 54k miles on it. It runs great but sometimes when i shift to 4th gear and drive for a while the shift knob moves by it self a little. like up and down. Is this a problem ... Read more