Question About Carburetor Fuel Regulator 91 Chevy Caprice


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Carburetor Trouble In A 84 Chevy Caprice. With A 305 Rochester Carb.

I have a 84 chevy caprice with a 305 and a rochester carb, I want to change the carburetor to a holley. What would be the best one, and does any body know a part number? Thanks in advance. ... Read more

1991 Chevrolet Caprice Fuel Regulator

I have a 1991 Caprice with a 5.0 engine. The car starts great! and idols smooth even in sub 0 weather, however after the car reaches full opp. temp (CLOSED LOOP) and I come to a stop and try to accelerate the engine completely cuts in ... Read more

Everytime I Hit The Gas After Car Starts I Hear A Spoof Of Air Then It Cuts Off. What Can The Problem Be

Carburetor trouble. Edelbrock with 350 motor. 1995 chevy caprice. New fuel filter and pump. ... Read more

95 Chevy Caprice Fuel Problem

1995 caprice EFI. I replaced the fuel pump which was bad.Theres a new filter,the oil pressure switch is good and the relay.But the car still will not run.Am I missing something obvious or could there be a CPU problem? there is no leak,and the car will ... Read more

How To Put A Carburated Chevy 350 Into A 1999 Camaro V6

I just need some details on how to do this? I can put it in the way it is or switch to fuel injection. So if a put it in with a carburetor what things I need to do. If I switch to fuel injection since ... Read more

Installing A Car Stereo On A Chevy Caprice Need Help

I want to install a new Pioneer Stereo on a Chevy Caprice, but i don't know how. Any tips on how to do it or where to go to get it done? I live in Phoenix, Arizona ... Read more

Truck Wont Kick Over

I had my head gaskets changed to my 97 chevy 4.3 6 cylinder c 1500 silverado truck. I washed the spider, fuel meter body and the fuel presure regulator in gasoline, dirty with old oil from other parts. after reinstalling all parts, i tried to start ... Read more