Question About 1986 Ford F150 Charging Problems


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1995 Ford F150 5 Speed Shifter

I have a 1995 Ford F150 2 wheel drive with a 5 spd manual. A few weeks ago I was having problems getting it to go into any gear. The clutch probably has 60K on it or so. After 160K miles the shifter ... Read more


I'm working on my old ford truck after a resent voltage spike with the charging system. Unfortunately this killed about everything electrical: ignition, all of the bulbs, ect. I've fixed the charging system and ignition, replaced all of the bulbs, checked all of the fuses, but ... Read more

About Power Programmer For F150

Is it really true that the superchips programmer works the best on ford f150's than any other programmers if it is not what programmer will give the best performance the truck is a ford f150 2004 with the 5.4 3v the new bodystyle ... Read more

Charging A Car/truck Battery Can I Start The Engine While It’s Charging

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What Would Cause My 1986 F150 4×4 To Stall After Running For A Few Min And Not Restart For Hours

The truck will run for 3-5 min after the first start it will stay running if i press the gas but stalls immediatly after the engine idals down. After the intitial start it will not restart and remain running it dies as soon as i release ... Read more

Where In The Engine Is The Oil Filter Located On A 1999 FORD F150 4.6L V8 2WD

This is the 4th F150 I have owned and I have found the first 3 oil filters on the last 3 F150's with ease but apparently I cant seem to find the oil filter on this one. ... Read more

2000 Ford F150 Feedback

Question: 2000 Ford F150 Feedback, I am contemplating about buying a 2000 Ford F150 with 80K miles, it has the five.4 engine and its a 4x4. What sort of gasoline mileage can I anticipate? Any issues with this truck? thanksBest answer for 2000 Ford F150 Feedback12mpg metropolis ... Read more